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Leaders today have so many competing priorities that can detract from their mission critical work. I have worked with organizations in crisis and at every phase of growth and use this extensive experience to help leaders increase organizational capacity, health and sustainability.

Organizational Consulting

One of the primary focal points of Brandy’s work with Strategic Empowerment Consulting is to provide technical assistance and guidance to agency boards of directors, chief executive officers (CEOs) and leadership teams.

Brandy has walked side-by-side with organizational leaders to help them develop comprehensive plans, protocols, and policies to overcome challenges and identify opportunities for growth and change.

Examples of leadership technical assistance include: coaching a CEO through staffing issues, assisting a board in hiring a new CEO, succession planning, transition planning, team building, policy recommendations, and providing guidance during a crisis or disaster situation.

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Virtual Learning & Capacity Building

Virtual learning is more important now than it ever has been and the need to offer web-based training and workshops increases every day. Strategic Empowerment Consulting will create webinars tailored to your team’s needs.

Consistent with our mission to create sustainable change for your organization, these online trainings can be recorded for later use by your staff.

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Grant Writing & Special Projects

Previously securing over $6 million in competitive grants, Brandy has the proven ability to compose compelling narratives explaining both the need for services and the funding required to reach strategic goals and objectives.

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Writing successful grant applications is often challenging for CEOs and their leadership teams who have limited time and competing priorities.

Brandy utilizes her experience to quickly immerse herself in your organization’s vision, mission, and priorities as well as the needs of the service population.

Brandy has the proven ability to compose compelling narratives explaining both the need for services and the funding required to reach strategic goals and objectives.

There are times in which organizations require something specific that is not currently described in the Strategic Empowerment Consulting services. We are excited to talk with any potential clients about their needs to determine how we may be able to assist them.

Examples of special projects may include writing projects that support organizational programs and services; creation of “train the trainer” curricula for a specific purpose or audience; community task force mission and visioning facilitation; virtual and in-person conference coordination; team building workshops; and more.

Training & Facilitation

Every training provided by Strategic Empowerment Consulting is tailored to the specific needs of the requesting organization and is delivered through a social justice framework. The below trainings are only a sample of what may be provided.

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Brandy provides training for healthcare providers, certified mediators, parent coordinators, mental/behavioral health and other professionals to meet their respective domestic violence continuing education requirements. Below are just some of the training topics.

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